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Application Form

Online application form to work abroad

In order for you to find a job, please apply as soon as possible so that we can find the job you need. We are putting all our efforts and skills to find you a job in the shortest possible time.

Download, carefully fill out and sign the standard form, and attach a picture in the field indicated.
Make a colour copy of your ID.
Attach a medical certificate from your family doctor certifying that you are fit to work (original).
Transfer the fee of 640 lei in the account indicated.
Send to our address - by mail (or fast courier) with acknowledgement of receipt - an envelope containing the documents above and a copy of the payment order (receipt) certifying the fee transfer.
When we receive your envelope, we will make the necessary checks, process your file, introduce in our database following your consent in this respect in the standard form and issue the invoice that we send you by mail as a proof that we have received the amount transferred and that you are now in our database.
We contact you immediately when an employer's requirement corresponds with the data in your application!

Application data

Bank transfer data

S.C Beservice Work Consulting S.R.L
Bank account: RO43BRDE020SV61108210200


Dispatch data

S.C Beservice Work Consulting S.R.L

Arad, Str. Closca, Nr. 2, Ap. 17B

Tel/Fax: 0357 100 005
Mobile: 0751 875 687

Necessary documents

1. Application form completed and signed.

2. Color copy of the ID.

3. A certificate from the doctor that you are fit for work.

4. Copy of bank transfer payment order.